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Learn About Bone and Joint Health

Healthy is learning about bone and joint health.

Below, you'll find lots of great resources to learn about keeping your bones and joints healthy -- all courtesy of the experts at the Carl J. Shapiro Department of Orthopaedics.

Bone and Joint Basics

Wally » Fun Facts About Bones & Joints
» Keeping Bones Strong: Q & A
» Overeating Impacts Joints
» Broken Bones: New Ways of Healing
» Exercise Can Prevent Bone Loss
» Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery


Wally's spine » Anatomy of the Spine
» 10 Questions To Ask Your Doctor
» Back Pain: Q & A
» Back Gizmos: Do They Work?
» Best Approaches to Treating Back Pain (video)
» Signs Your Back Pain May Be Serious
» Exercise After Back Injury
» Minimally Invasive Back Fusion Surgery
» New Options For Patients With Neck Pain
» The Aging Spine: Spinal Stenosis
» Reduce Your Risk of Back Pain


Wally's shoulder » Anatomy of the Shoulder
» Common Causes of Shoulder Pain
» Rotator Cuff Injuries: Common Causes and Treatments
» Common Shoulder Sports Injuries
» Arthritis of the Shoulder: Q & A (video)
» Refining the Pitch

Hand and Wrist

Wally's wrist and hand » Anatomy of the Hand and Wrist
» Most Common Hand and Wrist Injuries
» Broken Wrists and Stronger Bones
» Getting Back in Game After Wrist Injury
» What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
» Reducing Your Risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
» Carpal Tunnel Relief (video)
» PDA Dangers (video)
» Arthritis of the Hand
» Get a Grip on Hand Injury
» Protect Your Hand and Wrist Joints


Wally's hip » Anatomy of the Hip
» Common Causes of Hip Pain
» Arthritis of the Hip
» Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery
» Activities After Hip Replacement


Wally's knee » Anatomy of the Knee
» Knee Injuries and Treatments
» Sidelined for Surgery: ACL Tears
» Repairing ACL Injuries (video)
» Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery

Ankle and Foot

Wally's ankle and foot » Ankle Anatomy
» Ankle Sprains
» Ankle Fractures
» Foot Anatomy
» Common Causes of Foot Pain
» Reducing Your Risk of Foot Pain
» Picking the Proper Running Shoe

Sports Injuries & Prevention

Wally swinging a bat

» Protecting Yourself From Common Sports Injuries
» Women & Sports Injuries (video)
» Women & Sports Injuries: Why It's A Different Game
» Sidelined For Surgery: ACL Tears
» Tennis Elbow and Other Repetitive Strain Injuries
» Boomer Fitness
» Prep Like Pro For Upcoming Golf Season
» Getting Back In Game After Wrist Injury
» Training For Long-Distance Run

Nutrition for Bone & Joint Health

Wally eating lettuce » Eating Right For Bones & Joints
» Supplements: Helpful or not?
» Foods That Are Bone Healthy
» Foods That Are Joint Healthy
» Bone Healthy Recipes


Wally holding a glass of milk » What is Osteoporosis and Who is at Risk?
» Reduce Your Risk of Osteoporosis
» Broken Wrists and Stronger Bones
» Many Drug Choices for Patients with Osteoporosis
» Should I Have a Bone Density Test?
» Better Your Bone Health

Bones As You Age

Wally lifting hand weights to prevent osteoporosis » Seniors Can Prevent Bone Loss, Fractures
» Should I Have A Bone Density Test?
» Better Your Bone Health By Walking
» Boomer Fitness
» Osteoporosis & Wrist Fractures
» The Aging Spine: Spinal Stenosis

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