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GME Committee

The Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) is an active committee at BIDMC that meets approximately every 6 weeks. Committee membership includes program directors, house staff and representatives from nursing, health care quality, legal and the office of business conduct. As a subcommittee of the Medical Executive Committee (MEC), the GMEC reports to the MEC on a regular basis.

The GMEC is committed to ensuring that all BIMDC education programs involving house staff (both ACGME and non ACGME programs) are of high quality and provide appropriate education and support to their residents or fellows. The committee reviews postgraduate medical education programs, policies and compliance with regulations put forth by the ACGME, the BoRM and other regulatory agencies such as CMS. Sharing innovative ideas in education and brainstorming difficult common program requirements are a regular feature of these meetings.

The committee welcomes input from resident and fellow representatives at each meeting. For questions about the committee, including requests for past minutes, future meeting times or membership questions please contact Angela Byers, Administrative Director, GME office.

Voting Members

Carrie Tibbles, MD - Chair GMEC
Director, GME
Emergency Medicine

Jill Herrin
Administrative Director, GME

Stephanie Jones, MD

Priscilla Slanetz, MD 
Diagnostic Radiology

Carlo Rosen, MD 
Emergency Medicine

Eileen Reynolds, MD
Chris Smith, MD 
Anjala Tess, MD

Internal Medicine

Scott Johnson, MD 
General Surgery

Reed Drews, MD

Frank Drislane, MD 

Hope Ricciotti, MD 

James Connolly, MD 

Leon Goldman, MD
Compliance Officer

Maureen Kelley, JD
Legal Counsel

Nicole Bagg
Nancy Barry
Geoffrey Brahmer

Program Coordinators

Voting member residents elected by their peers:

Ashleigh Byrne, MD
Marc Mecoli, MD

Diagnostic Radiology
Erica Gupta, MD 
Rich Rana, MD

Emergency Medicine
Leah Honigman, MD 
Katherine Kroll, MD

General Surgery
Erica Fallon, MD 
Denis Gilmore, MD

Infectious Diseases
David Yass, MD

Internal Medicine
Steven Chen, MD
Darshan Kothari, MD
Susan Mackie, MD
Andrew Schutzbank, MD 

Ajay Kher, MD


Courtney McIlduff, MD 
Andrew Varga, MD

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Katherine Humm, MD

Remmi Singh, MD

Janet Shu, MD

Contact Information

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
330 Brookline Ave.
Boston, MA 02215