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On the Lighter Side

Game on for Spring

By Linda Trainor, RN, BSN

It's SPRING! Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, the baseball boys are back, and our internal clocks are buzzing.

baseballSpring is that magical time of year that brings us hope and inspiration to move forward. All of our energy gears up with two goals in mind: To remove and replenish. Does this sound familiar? "Honey, it's time to do the yaaaarrrrd work!"

Hour after hour, many of us throw away unwanted stuff, clean indoor windows, doors, floors, and cabinets while raking, pruning, and planting.

So why can’t we apply the same productive principal to ourselves, and do some personalized spring cleaning? It’s time to pop out of winter hibernation and take the first steps towards removing unhealthy behaviors, while replenishing with refreshing healthy routines.

Since it stays lighter longer, why not eat lighter longer? Spring is also the perfect time to resume physical training just like our favorite guys of spring, summer, and (fingers crossed) fall, the Boston Red Sox. The first thing the boys of summer do is stretch to condition their bodies for the long haul of the baseball season. They come out of the winter slumber and pick up the baseball bats of lumber.

Stretch Yourself: Practical Steps to Healthy Spring Cleaning

Remove: Rid cupboards of junk foods.
Replenish: Fill your cleaned refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables

woman stretchingRemove: De-clutter your thought process.
Replenish: Use NUTS: Negative Unpleasant Thoughts Stopping.

Remove: Drop the morning doughnut.
Replenish: Enjoy lighter, more frequent meals that include filling fiber.

Remove: Take a swing at getting off the couch.
Replenish: Physically stretch your extremities and emotionally stretch your imagination — morning, noon and night, both in the office and out. Condition your muscles while watching the Sox flex theirs: just use the cans of soup you reorganized in the cabinet as weights!

Remove: The dullness of everyday and seasonal chores.
Replenish: Have fun! Put some energizing music on while you rake, dust, or dish wash. Sing and dance along!

Above all, practice forward thinking:

  • If I can spring clean my house, I can spring clean myself with a healthy diet.
  • Now that the boys are back in town, I can get a jump start to hit the ball out of the park for my own healthy home run.

Let the Spring Cleaning Games begin!

Above content provided by the Weight Loss Surgery Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. For advice about your  medical care, consult your doctor.

Posted April 2014

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