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While You Are a Patient


You will be assigned a room based on the medical and nursing assessment of your needs. You are responsible for being considerate and respectful of other patients and hospital staff members. A very limited number of private rooms are available if you prefer private accommodations. (There is an additional charge for private accommodations.)

Identification Bands

You will have an identification band placed on your wrist upon admission. Please check that your name is spelled correctly. Help us to ensure that you are getting appropriate care by reminding staff members to check your identification band before giving you medication, drawing blood or having a procedure.

Medical Care

Your primary physician, surgeon or one of our hospitalists (physicians whose specialty is inpatient care) will oversee your medical care during hospitalization. This includes establishing diagnoses, developing a treatment plan and evaluating your response to your plan. Please feel free to ask questions about any aspect of care. At the time of discharge, your physician will arrange follow-up visits, prescriptions and instructions for post-hospital care.

Medication Safety

Medications are an important part of your care and treatment at BID-Needham. Our doctors, nurse and pharmacy staff work diligently to continually improve medication administration. BID-Needham has many checks and balance systems relating to medication safety.

You play an important role in these safety systems. Please ask us to check your identification band every time medications are given to you, to name your allergies, to tell you the medications that you are receiving and to explain why you are taking them.

Nursing Care

Nursing care is provided by registered nurses twenty-four hours per day. Your nurse will assess your care needs and ensure that you are supported with your recovery. S/he will work with your physician and other members of the care team to plan, coordinate and communicate with you about all aspects of your care from admission to discharge. A nurse will review discharge information with you and/or your family member prior to discharge. Please feel free to ask questions regarding any information, including medications, that you will be taking after discharge.

Fall Prevention

We ask that, even if you are independent at home, you call for assistance before getting out of bed. Unfamiliar surroundings and furnishings, medications you may have received and other factors may put you at risk for falling. Your safety is of great importance to us, so we ask you to "Call, Don't Fall!"

Dietary Service

Your physician will determine the diet that is most appropriate for your health and recovery. A member of the dietary staff will visit with you to discuss your diet, to help you plan your meals and to assist you in choosing the most appropriate and appealing menu items.

Your meals will be served at approximately the following times:

Breakfast................. 8:00 a.m.

Lunch...................... Noon

Dinner..................... 5:00 p.m.

Social Service/Case Management Social Service

Social work services are available to you and your family during your hospital stay and post-discharge. Our professional social workers (MSW) are able to address and provide support regarding your medically related psychosocial needs which may impact medical treatment, recovery and transition from one care environment to another. If you wish to speak to a social worker, please ask a nurse, or you may contact the Social Service Department directly at 781-453-5414.

Case Management/Discharge Planning/Utilization Management

Our nurse case manager and social workers are available to assist you in developing your discharge plan. They will work with you, your family and other hospital staff to arrange for home health care, for a rehabilitation facility, or for nursing home placement.

Federal law requires that hospitals provide a system to oversee the appropriate utilization of services to ensure high quality care at the most reasonable cost to you and your health care insurer.

Our nurse case manager reviews your treatment plans and goals with your physician, as well as with your insurance company's case manager, to determine your need for continued hospitalization.

Should you/your family question the decision regarding your discharge plan, there is an appeal process through your insurance provider.

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