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Surgical services are available 24 hours a day for critically ill or injured patients requiring immediate surgical intervention, or for other patients on a non-emergent or elective basis delivered within one of four operating rooms housed in the fully renovated, state-of-the art surgical suite. Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital - Needham's highly qualified surgeons are supported by BIDMC’s HMFP Department of Anesthesia and skilled nurses who work in one of three fully equipped operating rooms, one minor surgery room and a post-operative anesthesia care unit. Outpatient and inpatient surgical services, an approximate mix of 80% to 20% respectively, include orthopedic procedures and implants, plastic /reconstruction, gastrointestinal, general surgical (including breast) gynecological procedures, opthalmologic, podiatry, and urological procedures. Limited vascular and thoracic surgery is performed.

The Nursing Care team consists of registered nurses, surgical technicians and qualified ancillary personnel working collaboratively with surgical and anesthesia physicians.

The population that is served includes children under 15 years of age requiring minor outpatient surgery and any individuals who are 15 years and older who require minor or major surgical intervention. The scope of nursing practice in the preoperative area include preoperative assessment and planning, intra-operative intervention, postoperative assessment and intervention, discharge planning and documentation to ensure high quality patient care and safety.

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