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Lecture Podcasts

INSTRUCTIONS: The following online audio podcasts are available to Core attendees only and must be used in conjunction with the printed syllabus materials and CME quiz (acquired from our office). In order to successfully complete this activity, you are required to review the first two pages of the syllabus and print and review the cme quiz PRIOR to starting this activity.

You must listen to ALL of the audio files for each lecture, and complete and submit the answer sheet by the date indicated on the CME quiz. CME credit will be awarded provided a score of 70% or better is achieved. A certificate of credit will be sent within six weeks of receipt of the test answers to those who successfully complete the examination.

Please contact our office for more information at 1-978-470-0018 or

PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY - Data gathered from participants who subscribe to BIDNeedham Hospitals Internet-Based CME program is confidential. Individual identifiable information is not shared with outside parties. Cumulative data may be analyzed by CME personnel in order to determine trends.

In order to listen to the podcasts, you may need to download Quicktime.

2014 Lecture Podcasts

» January 11, 2014: Infectious Disease 
Release Date: 1-11-2014
Expiration Date: 1-11-2015

» February 8, 2014: Endocrinology 
Release Date: 2-8-2014
Expiration Date: 2-8-2015

» March 8, 2014: Hematology-Oncology 
Release Date: 3-8-2014
Expiration Date: 3-8-2015

» April 15, 2014: Pulmonary Medicine 
Release Date: 4-15-2014 
Expiration Date: 4-15-2015

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