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CVI's Diabetic Heart Clinic

Joint Initiative of BIDMC and the Joslin Diabetes Center

The CVI's Diabetic Heart Clinic, a joint initiative of Beth Israel Deaconess and the Joslin Diabetes Center, offers a full range of cardiac evaluation, testing and treatment services, including exercise testing, cardiac catheterization and the most sophisticated treatment options available. A specially trained multidisciplinary team is available for consultation with referring physicians about medications, cardiac catheterization, glucose control and other issues related to the heart and vascular health of patients with diabetes.

For patients with diabetes and known or suspected cardiac disease, Beth Israel Deaconess is among the best places in the country to receive care. BIDMC and its neighbor, the world renowned Joslin Clinic, participate in a joint venture that strengthens a longstanding connection between the two institutions.

Multidisciplinary Team

BIDMC and Joslin have created an advanced diabetes and cardiovascular disease program and a propriety algorithm for early diagnosis and prevention of heart attack, stroke and peripheral vascular complications of diabetes. Specialists in the Joslin/BIDMC Cardiology Program consult with referring physicians about medications and glucose control, and provide cardiac evaluations. The multidisciplinary team includes BIDMC cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and vascular surgeons as well as Joslin physicians.

Almost half of cardiac surgery patients at BIDMC have diabetes, and the medical center has developed special expertise in the care of this patient population, with outstanding benefits to patients. For example, by emphasizing tight glucose control following bypass, in partnership with Joslin Clinic, BIDMC has nearly eliminated mediastinal infections after cardiac surgery.

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Heart Care for Diabetic Patients
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
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