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Physicians and Services

International Leaders in Caring for Arrhythmia Patients

CardioVascular Institute physicians provide international leadership in research and care for arrhythmia patients, including those with palpitations.

Pioneers of Modern Electrophysiology

Members of our staff are among the pioneers of modern cardiac electrophysiology and continue to provide leadership in cutting-edge research.

Most Advanced Diagnostic and Treatment Modalities

Attracting patients nationally and worldwide, the service offers the most advanced diagnosis and treatment modalities. An on-site ambulatory electrocardiography laboratory provides 24-hour surveillance for arrhythmia diagnosis and management.

Electrophysiologist Profiles

To read a brief profile on our electrophysiologists, click on the following links:

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To make an appointment with a CardioVascular Institute specialist who treats palpitations, please call 617-667-8800.

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Cardiovascular Medicine
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