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Disclosure Forms

The Department of Medicine collects and reviews Conflict of Interest Disclosure Forms for our Medical Grand Rounds speakers. This helps to ensure that these forms are balanced, scientifically rigorous, objective and independent of commercial influence. Conflict of Interest Disclosure Forms have been reviewed by the course director.

Afdhal, Nezam*

Anderson, Kenneth*

Armstrong, Katrina

Bertisch, Suzanne*

Berwick, Donald

Chen, Lincoln

Chopra, Sanjiv

DeLeve, Laurie*

Falk, Ronald

Gibson, C. Michael*

Kahn, Jeremy*

Kantarjian, Hagop

Kaptchuk, Ted

Kastner, Daniel

Landon, Bruce*

Landsberg, Lewis

Langer, Robert*

Lecker, Stewart 

Loder, Elizabeth

Lown, Beth

Macklin, Ruth

Mayer, Kenneth*

Moser, A. James*

Pai, Madhukar

Popma, Jeffrey*

Sabeti, Pardis*

Strewler, Gordon

Tabb, Kevin

Thomas, David

Truog, Robert

Wilfond, Benjamin

Zeidel, Mark

*Disclosed a conflict of interest

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