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Working With the Stars Spring 2012

Working with the Stars
By: Philly Laptiste
Our featured star employee this month, Erline Tondreau, has been with the health center for more than four years. Erline is one of three Practice Representatives at Bowdoin Street. Erline is the first staff person patients see when they arrive at the health center and her broad smile and warm greeting provides a friendly welcome. Her job includes checking in patients, scheduling appointments and verifying insurance eligibility. 
    When asked what part of her job she enjoys most, Erline says it is working with patients to verify insurance eligibility. Speaking further with Erline, she explains that this part of her job allows for the most interaction with patients. She enjoys helping people and more importantly helping them to understand the importance of insurance coverage. She especially enjoys working with patients who are different than her. Being able to communicate with someone of a different language challenges her skills and learned knowledge of other languages.
    Erline's favorite restaurant is Legal Seafood. She LOVES seafood but aside from going out and enjoying a meal prepared by someone else, Erline finds great pleasure in cooking for others. She favors Gospel music which she finds uplifting and soothing. And, Erline appreciates a good book. One of her favorite books, "Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind" by Joyce Meyer, is an inspirational read that she shares with others.