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Staff Donate 10K in Gift Cards to Bowdoin Street

Staff Donate $10K in Gift Cards to Bowdoin Street

    The families of Bowdoin Street Health Center benefited from the generosity of BIDMC staff this past holiday season. Staff donated more than $10,000 worth of gift cards to local stores, says Adela Margules, Bowdoin Street's Executive Director. 
    "The outpouring of support for the Bowdoin Street Health Center's holiday gift card program was absolutely wonderful," says Margules. Staff from many, many departments contributed holiday gift cards." 
    Supporting Bowdoin Street Health Center has evolved over the years in a direct response to the families' needs. For many years, staff were matched with individual families, purchasing clothes and toys according to the families' "wish lists." As economic times have worsened, patients told staff they are having trouble meeting their basic needs. Bowdoin Street support staff, who work closely with the families, suggested that gift cards provide families with more options to purchase what they need. 
    Thanks to BIDMC staff, Margules and her team distributed gift cards to over 200 families and helped over 700 children and adults have a more joyous holiday season. 
    "The staff at BIDMC are so very special and we thank you for giving so generously to help our health center families," Margules says. "You have touched so many with your kindness."