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The Kraft Practitioners Program

The Kraft Practioners Program
By: Giovanna Leddy, M.D.
    Community health centers play a central and growing role in the delivery of high quality, multidisciplinary care to communities at greatest need. The Kraft Center for Leadership and Training in Community Health has recently launched several community health center based initiatives which encourage continued growth in this tradition: the Kraft Fellowship in Community Health Leadership and the Kraft Practitioner Program. Through these initiatives, Bowdoin Street will be welcoming a Kraft Fellow in the Adult Medicine Clinic. Additionally, I look forward to participating in the Kraft Practitioner Program. In collaboration with Partners HealthCare and The Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, the Kraft Practitioner Program will focus on leadership development among actively practicing community health center physicians. Practitioners will participate in monthly learning sessions, with a focus on policy and advocacy, while exploring and leading health care reform initiatives. 
Additionally, at a local level, each practitioner will focus on a project within his/her clinic. As there has been a shift from general medicine to specialty fields, I recognize the importance of, once again, attracting new and talented clinicians to the field of primary care within community health centers. I believe residency training programs and primary care tracks play a crucial role in fostering interest in primary care. My focus will be on identifying determinants of resident satisfaction and optimizing their experience within their community health center rotations to help promote interest in the field. Also, I will explore practice design amongst the community centers involved and will evaluate physician satisfaction with a focus on attaining higher rates of physician retention within community health centers.
I am thrilled to be participating in the Kraft Practitioner Program, which recognizes the importance of community health centers in providing comprehensive, high quality care to our local communities and further strives to cultivate leadership and progress within the CHC community.