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Best Bowdoin Newsletter Summer 2012

  Record Breaking Start to the Farmers Market Season
    On June 28th, the Bowdoin Geneva Farmers Market opened for its 5th season.  Just a few weeks in and we're already seeing great growth in market attendance and sales. Read More...

Bowdoin Street Health Center Employee Spotlight
    This month's employee spotlight is focused on Teodora (Tea) Pereira Fernandes. Tea is a medical assistant who has been employed at Bowdoin Street Health Center for almost seven years. She is a member of the Blue Sky Medical Home Team and works primarily with Dr. Leddy and her patients. Read More...

Commitments to The Campaign for Wellness pass $2.2 million
    The momentum continues to heat up through the summer as The Campaign for Wellness passed the $2.2 million mark toward our $3 million goal to build a Wellness Center at Bowdoin Street. Lead commitments from campaign co-chairs Clay Deutsch and Foster Aborn reflect the passion that many people feel once they get to know Bowdoin Street. Read More...

The Kraft Practioners Program
By: Giovanna Leddy, M.D.
    Community health centers play a central and growing role in the delivery of high quality, multidisciplinary care to communities at greatest need. The Kraft Center for Leadership and Training in Community Health has recently launched several community health center based initiatives which encourage continued growth in this tradition: the Kraft Fellowship in Community Health Leadership and the Kraft Practitioner Program. Through these initiatives, Bowdoin Street will be welcoming a Kraft Fellow in the Adult Medicine Clinic. Read More...

Bowdoin Street Health Center Patient Survey Corner
    As part of our ongoing efforts to provide our patients with the best possible care, four times a year we ask our patients to complete a patient satisfaction survey.
    In June, 2012 we surveyed 148 patients who visited the health center.  One Hundred and thirty-eight people (93%) returned their surveys.  45% were Cape Verdean, 34% African American, 9% Latino, 4% Caucasian, 3% Asian and 5% were other. 38% were men and 62% were women. Read More...