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Cancer Statistics

Posted 2/3/2014

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  After yesterday's entry, I decided we need to get down to some hard facts. Not much affect attached to these beyond the general reaction to high numbers. As an example, 232,670 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the US in 2014. That is a lot of us!

  Each year the American Cancer Society publishes the statistics that become the core of numbers that we all use. Here are links to the two basic sheets. 

Each year, American Cancer Society researchers do a deep dive into cancer data
to provide the most current information about cancer in the United States,
including the projected numbers of new cancer cases and deaths. Below are 10
key numbers from the American Cancer Society’s 2014 Cancer Facts & Figures
publication and Cancer Statistics article. All figures are for the U.S.

Here is the first: "10 Must Know Cancer Statistics":

The second, "Cancer Facts and Figures 2014" is a much longer document:


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