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The Coat and a Support Group

Posted 9/22/2013

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  How I wish that I had thought of this! This story, from today's Boston Globe Magazine, is about a group of women who met at Herb Benson's Mind Body Program for cancer patients. This program used to be based at the BI; matter of fact, Dr Benson's office was a few doors down from me when I first started to work here. It was a delight to see him most days, and I was personally and professionally sorry when he and his program moved to offices in Chestnut Hill. Some years later, they gave up their affiliation with BID and went to MGH. This was even sadder for me, but I surely have stayed in touch with some of the group and often refer patients to the program.

  Dr. Ann Webster, who is one hot ticket terrific woman, has led the cancer program for years, and does a marvelous job. Different from other support groups, this is a well organized eight week program in which individuals are taught a new tool each week to help them manage their lives with cancer. This includes things like nutrition, yoga, meditation, and everyone finds a least a few really helpful strategies.

  I won't even try to summarize this marvelous story for you, but it is lovely and completely captures the very special relationships developed in groups.

  Give yourself a present and read it:


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