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Faces of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Posted 10/14/2013

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  First, an apology. As you may know (if you read this daily), I have been in Montreal for the long weekend, and the computer system more or less crashed yesterday. Whatever the specific troubles, I was unable to post. This was intended as yesterday's entry as October 13th was the fifth anniversary of Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

  Women with metastatic/advanced breast cancer often have a particularly tough time in October when the focus is on pink ribbons/pink everything and the false promise that early detection promises safety. The truth is that approximately 30% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer go on to develop metastatic disease; many of those women were diagnosed early.

  This is a wonderful project from the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network to honor and support those women. Here is the description of the project and a link:

This year, in honor of the 5th Anniversary of Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) Awareness Day, Faces of MBC is launching a new interactive photo/video wall on October 13 to gather sentiments from the MBC community. Thank you again to everyone who shared their thoughts with Faces of MBC at the MBCN Annual Conference in Houston - they are posted on

You can still participate, even if you weren't at the MBCN Conference. Faces of MBC is asking participants to share through photos, words of wisdom and videos:

• a milestone within the past five years that makes you proud. It could be a personal accomplishment - big or small - or progress you've noticed within the MBC community.

• a hope for the future. What's something you would like to accomplish or hope to see happen in the MBC community in the next five years?

Please visit, follow @FacesofMBC and the hashtag #MBCProgress and share with your friends and family. Faces of MBC, sponsored by Genentech, will donate $10 for each new upload and $1 for every unique page visit to nonprofits that support MBC initiatives (up to $20,000). Everyone can make a difference!

Thank you.
Shirley Mertz,
President, MBCN



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