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Thanksgiving Number One

Posted 11/27/2013

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  "Thanksgiving Number One" because tomorrow is the holiday, and I will write another then. It likely will be titled "Thanksgiving Number Two". Today's entry is a complete gift to me, to you, to us all, from Joyce Wadler. As you may know, she writes marvelous things for The New York Times and is a survivor of both breast and ovarian cancers. This essay is about the Thanksgiving she spent in the hospital immediately after ovarian cancer surgery.

  I appreciate that brief description may not make you eager to read this, but please, please do. It left me smiling and in tears--a perfect and rare combination. I was going to excerpt my favorite line (it is about instant coffee, and you will recognize it when you get to it), but I don't think I want to do anything to change this perfect piece. So, here it is. And Happy the day before Thanksgiving.


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