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Goodbye October

Posted 11/1/2013

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  I have always loved October for all the cliched New England reasons: beautiful leaves, clear blue skies, apples. This year we have had a particularly lovely month, but I am happy to turn the page of the calendar. Goodbye and good riddance to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. May it shrink or vanish (not likely) by next year.

  As a finale to my rants, I am happy to share this essay from The Guardian. Apparently the pinkwash has crossed the Atlantic. Here is the start and then a link. Join me in welcoming November; it does mean that the dreaded holiday season is approaching, but first we get some more nice days and Thanksgiving.

  Breast Cancer Awareness month has devolved into crass materialism

What began as a desperately needed effort to raise awareness about women's health has been co-opted by corporate marketers

Tonight, after you've tricked and treated your way through Halloween festivities and
thrown your elaborate costume in the bottom of your closet for another year, I'd be
grateful if you could throw away whatever pink ribbon festooned memorabilia (or junk)
you have gathered this month, too. For many like myself who have suffered through
breast cancer, Breast Cancer Awareness month or "pinktober" as some derisively refer
to it is in some ways just as distressing as a scary ghost story.
How can this be, you may ask. The simple reason is that the distance between the soft,
gauzy feel good aura around breast cancer awareness campaigns and actually going
through breast cancer is so very great. It's probably the same for all other diseases and
the awareness campaigns that surround them. There is something infantilizing and
frankly condescending about "pinktober" because not only has it become such a cultural
behemoth, it is also focused on sheer, over-the-top crass materialism. The idea that the
retail route is really the best way for you to support "awareness" becomes more and
more brazen every year. icon tools:Position1:icon-print


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