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VIctorias Secret and Mastectomy Bras

Posted 5/23/2013

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  First, I need to explain the incorrect punctuation in  the title. I know that "Victoria's Secret" has a hypen in the name, but the system won't accept any punctuation marks. Hence, "Victorias Secret".

  This is a story that received quite broad press a few days ago about a young woman who led an effort to convince Victoria's Secret to offer a line of pretty mastectomy bras. Any of us who are in the market for such lingerie know that even those that try to be attractive...really aren't. As an aside: many normal bras with underwires work just fine without pockets. Try and see if that works for you.

  I am curious about the back story behind the corporate decision not to develop this specialty line. I suspect it really has less to do with costs and more to do with the unfortunate reality that breast cancer and mastectomies are not exactly what this store showcases. And that's fine; we certainly don't expect a sexy lingerie company to cater to us. But it would be nice if they did.

  From ABC News:

Allana Maiden wanted her mother to feel  beautiful again after she’d undergone a
radical mastectomy. But Victoria’s Secret, the company she hoped would design sexy
lingerie for women who’ve had breast cancer surgery, has rejected her appeal for a “survivor line” of bras.
The Richmond, Va., 28-year-old was 6 years old when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and
had her surgery. But she was always aware of her mother’s struggle to feel good about herself — and to
find a bra that not only fit but was reasonably priced.
Maiden was particularly disappointed in Victoria’s Secret’s decision after actress Angelina Jolie announced
that she’d had a preventive mastectomy after learning she had the BRCA gene, which predisposes a
woman to breast cancer.
“She put the news out there that you can still be attractive after having breast cancer and mastectomy,”
Maiden said of Jolie. “But a beautiful bra would have been a great thing to have, and now these bras are
very limited.

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