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Memory Loss Confirmed

Posted 7/18/2013

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  We're on a roll here. Earlier this week, I posted about a study confirming the cancer survivors experience more and more intense hot flashes than other women. Now comes this study from the University of Pennsylvania, not focusing specifically on cancer survivors, but looking at memory loss after menopause. No shock: they found that it is real. Now we will await the next study that compares cancer survivors to the rest of the population, and we all suspect what that will find.

  If there is good news here, it is that the memory loss is worse at the start of menopause and then levels off. Perhaps we adapt or find ways to compensate, but it doesn't just get worse and worse. Here is the beginning of a report from MedPage and then a link to read more:

Study Confirms Cognitive Loss with Menopause

Certain aspects of cognitive function

related to memory declined significantly in

women during the transition from pre- to

postmenopausal status, a comprehensive

neuropsychiatric assessment showed.

Specifically, the ability to remember word

lists declined significantly on tests of

immediate and delayed recall (


P=0.03 for


both outcomes). The decline was greatest

during the early stages of transition to

menopausal status.







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