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Maintaining Holiday Good Cheer

Posted 12/24/2013

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  It is a bit after noon on Christmas Eve, and you can be sure that the chaos and excitement level are high at my house. This morning opened with a duet of "America the Beautiful" by my husband and our 5 year old Frances from MN, accompanied by an interpretive dance by the smaller singer. We have moved along to gingerbread house decorating, many games of hide and seek (the best hiding places being the previously carefully made beds) with the two little girls, and a general running around, dropping things, removing low-hanging ornaments from the tree and putting them somewhere else, and much laughter. All totally wonderful--and exactly the moments that, in the darkest days of my cancers, I worried that I would never experience.

  Somehow between now and this evening, we need to cook a turkey, two tenderloins, make two salads, and prepare the house for the evening's expected 30 adults (possibly 31) and 6 children. I am assuming it will happen. It will go more easily if the 2 year old has a long nap, so all fingers crossed on that one.

  From Cancer Net here are some late tips for a happy lower stress holiday, and, from my house to yours, all wishes for a wonderful Christmas with memories to treasure.

 Five Ideas for Maintaining Your Holiday Cheer
December 20, 2013
Amber Bauer
The sprint to the New Year is well underway—shopping, decorating, baking, visiting with friends and family. When you add in doctor's appointments and treatments, it's no wonder there seems to be so much going on this time of year! And while it's impossible to completely get rid of the extra stress brought on by the busy holiday season, here are five things to consider if you also find yourself coping with cancer during the holidays.
(1) Find the joy in simplicity.
In previous years, you may have been the one to do most of the holiday decorating, shopping, cooking, baking, and entertaining. This year, you might need to scale back your activities so you can focus on the one or two holiday traditions that matter the most. This might mean, you decide to:
Do your shopping online, order from catalogues, give gift certificates, or ask a friend to do some shopping  for
Wrap gifts in gift bags or using gift-wrapping services in stores and shopping malls.
Make heartfelt, homemade gifts or write personalized notes to let your loved ones know how much  you
appreciate them.
Reduce the amount of time you spend in the kitchen by ordering holiday treats, or even the entire meal, from your
favorite bakery, restaurant, or grocery store.
Ask someone else to host the holiday festivities this year.


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