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Yesterday and Today

Posted 4/16/2013

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  There is only one conversation in Boston today. The events of yesterday afternoon, at the finish line of the Marathon, are shocking and evil and tragic. There likely have been millions of words written and spoken about the bombs, and I surely have nothing new to contribute. I do want, however, to say something here about my colleagues at BIDMC.

  As you likely know, many of the injured were brought to our ER, and it quickly became "all hands on deck" for those people who were here. Since it was a hospital holiday, many fewer staff were on site, but my oncology social work group was required to have one person here (as we are for all of the "minor" holidays) to cover whatever might happen in the Hem/Onc Service. On these holidays, the ambulatory areas are closed, so our person is working on the two in-patient Oncology floors. It is always impossible to predict what might come up or how busy it would be. I think, too, that it depends which one of us is here working. If it is one of the people who ordinarily work on those services, they are likely to be busier than those of us who otherwise are not on those floors.

  Yesterday, my colleague Frank McCaffrey, who works up here in the Ambulatory Hem/Onc Unit with me, was our designated hitter. He had a relatively quiet day until a little after 3:00 when the word went out that everyone was needed in the ER. His description of what he and others did is heart-rending and so very impressive. I am so proud of him and all our BID colleagues who did whatever was necessary--and then some. Apparently many people who were not scheduled to work just came in--doctors and nurses and others will all kinds of needed skills just came and pitched in.

  This morning on NRP I heard a wonderful clip from an old Mr Rogers show, likely something that many of you had already known. Dear Fred Rogers said something like this: "When I was a little boy and something scary happened in the news or elsewhere, my mother always told me: 'Look for the helpers." There are always 'helpers' and that is one of the things I like best about our wonderful world."

  Me, too. And thank you to all those Helpers.


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  • Patricia Hill said:
    4/18/2013 9:49 AM

    So awful. My cousin had 2 friends who were standing exactly where the bomb went off but an hour before the blast they decided to go get lunch. So many people helped out that day. It's such a tragedy.