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Posted 4/17/2013

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  Once again, full disclosure: I am a (relatively) recent convert to daily meditation, so I am a zealot. My husband and I attended a meditation course in January 2012 and have quite regularly meditated twice a day ever since. On long plane flights, e.g. our recent trip to Africa, we meditated a lot more, and found it truly helped with fatigue and jet lag. On some days, when my schedule is especially busy and unusual (because habit helps), I forget and suddenly realize at bedtime that I have missed meditation.

  We were both somewhat skeptical about this practice. I worried about how to find twenty minutes/twice a day (the instructor's response to that concern was: "If you can't find time to meditate once a day, you really need to do it twice) and whether I could ever clear my mind (known in the trade as "monkey mind" because of the zillion running around and jumping thoughts). My husband was just plain skeptical. We have both found that it absolutely lowers our baseline stress level, and there may have been some physical benefits. I could not say that I have been transformed by the practice, but I have come to depend upon and love it,

  And today I see this article from The New York Times not only about the benefit of meditation, but ascribing much of the content to BIDMC! Here is the start and a link and my strong encouragement to give this a try:

At Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston,

doctor's orders can include an unlikely prescription:


"I recommend five minutes, twice a day, and then

gradually increase," said Aditi Nerurkar, a primary-care

doctor and assistant medical director of the Cheng &

Tsui Center for Integrative Care, which offers

alternative medical treatment at the Harvard Medical

School-affiliated hospital. "It's basically the same way I

prescribe medicine. I don't start you on a high dose

right away." She recommends that patients eventually

work up to about 20 minutes of meditating, twice a day,

for conditions including insomnia and irritable bowel





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