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  • Pink Chevrolets and Labor Day Thoughts

    Posted 9/1/2014 by hhill
      Happy Labor Day. Merry Labor Day. Enjoy Labor Day. What is the proper language? I have no idea, but I surely hope that you all have had as lovely a day as I have had. We are at our tiny cottage in Maine and awakened to clouds and mist over the water right outside our window--also the unusual joy of spotting our neighbor heron couple. We usually see just one of them, but this morning they were out together. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Blog Changes and Asking for Input

    Posted 8/31/2014 by hhill
      Probably posting this in the middle of Labor Day weekend is not the ideal time, and I will do it again if this does not garner responses. Sometimes I specifically ask for comments and rarely get many (if any). I know that this system is clunky and hard to use, and I know that many people just don't want to write something. I need your comments now. Please. Read more... Comments (0)
  • A Very Moving Essay

    Posted 8/30/2014 by hhill
      This essay by Susan Gubar is gorgeously written, very moving, and absolutely captures the essence of the relationships we make with one another. While I (and, I am sure, she) would never say that having cancer is a blessing, I am sure that we would both acknowledge the precious relationships that have developed along the way. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Chemobrain Webinar

    Posted 8/28/2014 by hhill
      Tomorrow I am am spending most of the day traveling, so I am trying to get ahead with a second blog. This is an announcement about an upcoming webinar on chemobrain from Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Milestones

    Posted 8/28/2014 by hhill
      Milestones and cancer anniversaries can be powerful. This week, I have sat with several women who were struggling with these markers. In two cases, women were completing adjuvant therapy for breast cancer, feeling exhausted and anxious and emotionally depleted, and were surprised and upset by all the people around them who were "celebrating" and pushing them to move on. In another instance, a woman described not sleeping well and feeling generally anxious before she realized that this week is the third anniversary of her bilateral mastectomies. And, finally, a woman described having a near panic attack when she went for her first mammogram after breast cancer, helped only a little by recognizing the reasons of being back at the "scene of the crime" at almost exactly the same week of the year. Read more... Comments (0)
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