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  • Controlling Cancer

    Posted 10/1/2014 by hhill

      Happy October first. This is a marker for several reasons: New Englanders generally love the fall; we are treated to spectacular crisp, blue sky days. We like apple picking and fields of pumpkins and the glorious starts at night--especially as we are acutely aware that winter is approaching. In Breast Cancer World, October has been horribly contaminated by Pink, and I am sure I will not be able to refrain from a few posts this month about this deplorable movement.

      The importance of today for this blog, however, is that it officially becomes Living with Cancer rather than Living with Breast Cancer. It likely will take a little while for the online title to change, but the reasons are related to intent and funding. With a broader vision, we are hopeful that more readers will find this useful. Welcome.

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  • Cardiac Risks after Cancer Treatment

    Posted 9/30/2014 by hhill
      This is scary business. We have known, if we dared to think about it, that some cancer treatments bring a potential cardiac risk. The culprits have been radiation (if the field includes proximity to the heart) and anthrycycline drugs (like Adriamycin). The development of many effective targeted therapies, however, has grown that list. Herceptin, an absolute triumph and life saver for many women with her2 positive breast cancers, can cause damage to cardiac function. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Fatter Waist and Breast Cancer Risk

    Posted 9/29/2014 by hhill
      I think I hate this story and this study. All of us "women of a certain age" (meaning post-menopausal) are already very aware that we will never again have the wasp-like waists of our youth. Remember Scarlett O'Hara being laced into a tight corset? I suspect that wouldn't even work. As we age, no matter how much or little weight we gain, everything shifts, and all of us are thicker around the middle and hips than we once were. I look at lovely young women with tiny waists and sigh..and remind myself that I had my time like that and didn't even appreciate it. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Physical Therapists and Cancer Care

    Posted 9/28/2014 by hhill
      In an ideal world, every woman having breast cancer surgery would have at least a consultation with a physical therapist. In a totally ideal world, the opportunity for that introduction, especially for women having a mastectomy with or without reconstruction, would happen before surgery. My dear friend and colleague, Nancy Roberge, DPT from Chestnut Hill Physical Therapy Associates made a huge difference in my recovery from a mastectomy by showing me some exercises to do before surgery. There were others, of course, for afterwards, but those stretches and lifts made a difference and made a psychological difference, too, as they gave me something positive to do for myself. Read more... Comments (0)
  • An Excellent Genetics Resource

    Posted 9/27/2014 by hhill
      I am so appreciative when you send me ideas for this blog--especially when those suggestions introduce me to someone or something new. In this case, thanks to Claire for  telling me about Ricki Lewis and her most recent blog about Genetic Testing for All: Is it Eugenics? Read more... Comments (0)
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